Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Boo's Blues Blues

To frog or not to frog, that is a question. Nothing wrong with this sock, it's just not what what I was dreaming of. Last year, in the throes of my initial sock knitting, I made a pair of socks for my Sister Emjay, who loved them so much she vowed to wear them only at home. Because she did not want wool, I used Cascade Fixation, a stretchy cotton yarn that has the added advantage of working up quickly. I used a basketweave pattern for the cuffs of a standard sock---they fit well, looked cool, and felt nice and cushy. So, Sister Boo asked me to knit her a pair of socks and I agreed. I've been thinking and thinking of what to make her--something to show my love for her and my increased sock-making skills. She asked for no wool, and I eventually fell upon Panda Cotton at The Loopy Ewe --perfect! Bamboo, cotton, and elastic---soft, stretchy, and available in a lovely Blueberry Grape colorway, recalling a blueberry picking expedition years ago. I sprang for it, even paying for shipping!

I thought the yarn would work well in Ann Budd's Flame Wave Socks (from Favorite Socks) but the
evil Gauge Goddess said "NOT!" I tried and tried but that yarn just did not want to be the 6 st/in that the pattern called for (despite the ball band itself claiming it as a 6 st/in kind of yarn!). Darn! It was at that point that I realized---duh!---the pattern suggested Cascade Fixation. Hmmmmm.... In my first sock yarn buying frenzy at Webs last year, I'd bought a bunch of that very yarn. Dig through the stash and Voila! Soft yarn, quick knit, easy gauge, easy to care for---go for it!

But, now I'm having doubts: do I like the stripey yarn in this pattern? do I like these colors? more importantly, will Boo like these colors? do the stripes just mask the gentle waves of the pattern? I confess that I'm starting to agree with people who wonder about the wisdom of using self-striping yarn for socks with a definitive pattern. Despite my 1 1/2 years of STR club socks, mostly self striping yarns combined with complex patterns, I'm starting to see that one should do one OR the others----do a simple stockinette stitch to show off the lovely hand-dyed (or self-striping) yarn, OR select a mono-tone yarn to highlight a complex stitch.

Meanwhile, the Fixation socks continue to grow (the cuff on the first sock is almost finished), even as I stew. Obsess. Obsess. Obsess.

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