Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Just Cast On...

Driving in the car today, listening to David of Sticks and String talk about the need to make the KnitterNet more interactive, I decided that, yes, I can do this! I can have a knitting blog! As he explained in an earlier podcast, instead of worrying about getting one’s knitting “just right,” just cast on! Start! See where you go! See what you can do! Figure it out. So that’s what I’ve done.

As a psychologist and a feminist, I think of my knitting, so dear to my heart, as something that connects me with many people. Most of those people are women, and I often feel connected with them across time and space when I knit. There’s Dodie, who taught me to knit perhaps 45 years ago; there’s Ruth who knit with me for awhile and left me with a project to finish, the woman who ran the yarn shop where I worked in the summer of 1971, my grandmother and her friends who quilted together in the 1930’s and 40’s, my knitting group of friends in the 1980’s, the Cape Cod Knitting Guild folks of the 1990’s, the many women and girls knitting in a village in China on the day I met my daughter, my mother and her Happy Hookers from church, and these days my favorite knitting podcasters and bloggers. I’m never lonely when I knit.

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