Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Out the Door! Bye-bye Blues!

A day of passenger-ing in the car allowed me to finish these gift socks on Sunday, just one day too late to send them to Sister Boo via Sister Emjay. So, these garter stitch ribs in Cascade Fixation will travel to their new home in style, via the US mail.

No second sock syndrome for these babies! From just below the ribbing all the way to the toes, in 5 or 6 hours of enforced work time the second sock was done. After worrying with myself about what pattern would work with this yarn, I'm satisfied with the result. The garter stitch rib was easy to do and and I did not feel like the gentle ribs were arguing with the stripes in the yarn about who would be most notable.

As I had been knitting these socks the past week or two, I was feeling tired of socks---10 or 12 pairs in the past 15 months, mostly to the exclusion of other knitting has left my drawer filled with socks (I gave a few pair away as gifts, but mostly I save these beloved and belabored objects for the person who will most appreciate them--moi). I was looking forward to something new, a headscarf, and was itching to get going on it. But I would not allow myself to pick up new needles until this project was finished.

So, what did I do when I finished these socks? In the car, with only one other project in my knitting bag? You guessed it---started a gauge swatch for another pair of socks! But these are a bamboo blend (the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton I had tried originally to turn into gift socks for Boo), perfect for summer....... I have gauge (9 st/in, on size 0 Knitpics) and I really like the resulting fabric. And, I started the headband the next day! More to come.

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