Wednesday, July 18, 2007

(sob...) Frog It!

Sometimes a couple, a yarn and a pattern, are just not a good match. Their pairing begins with a knitter's hope, her vision of an FO to be proud of. Cast on, gauge, cast on again---she does her magic to bind yarn and pattern into Something Wonderful. Sometimes yes, but sometimes no. Doubts begin; "Do I like this?" But hope persists, hope that with a few more rows, the pairing will reveal itself as a creative combo.

Not this time. The more of Flame Wave in Fixation that emerges from my needles, the more clear it becomes to me that this pairing is a mistake, that these are Ugly Socks. The pattern is lovely, the socks are not. At 6 inches into the first cuff I say, "Frog it!"

Herstory repeats itself. This is the same project that was expected to couple Panda Cotton with Flame Wave. Will Boos Blues ever be? I have until next week to find just the right match, and then to bring that match into being.

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