Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wishful Knitting

Yesterday I received the sad news that the son of a dear friend had died suddenly. I remember the day he was born, taking care of him occasionally when he was little, enjoying his delightful questions, curiosities and passions throughout his childhood, recalling his presence at our wedding (1 of 7 guests!), and hearing about his struggles and successes through the adolescent and young adult years. My heart aches for my friend and her husband, and the only way I could begin to comfort myself was to think about what I can knit for her---I saw a pattern for a "comfort shawl" and wondered if she would truly find it a "comfort" or just a reminder of unspeakable sorrows. I don't know what, or if, I will make her something but I do feel this very strong urge to KNIT for her, to try to make her feel a little bit better. As if my knitting could help her. It might make me feel better, but I don't think it could touch her sorrow.

Meanwhile, no actual knitting for me today. At all. Had to travel a couple of hours down the coast (and back) to visit my specialist doctor---positive report and a reprieve: next appointment is not until November!

My energies are now directed at preparing to teach my friend's class for her tomorrow evening---it's not my specific area, but I should be able to give the students something. But first, I have to do the readings and pre-view the video. I think there will be no knitting tomorrow either. Maybe I can convey to her my wishes for her healing more via not knitting than via knitting.

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